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Best Western Hôtel Graslin★★★
Nantes Centre - Les machines de l'île
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Best Western Hôtel Graslin★★★
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The 4 Nantes Galleries to visit

There is nothing like strolling around and discovering the districts of Nantes while visiting its Galleries

You can start your visit with the Cosmopolis international space located two steps away from the Best Western Hôtel Graslin Nantes city center.

1- Cosmopolis International Space, 18 Rue Scribe

Cosmopolis is a place of exhibitions, conferences and cultural events. Between arts, debates, films, shows and world cultures, there will always be something interesting to discover.

2- Alain Rouzé Gallery, Quartier Bouffay, 7 rue de la Juiverie

Alain Rouzé, art enthusiast and gallery owner, presents magnificent sculptures, paintings, photographs... The Gallery located in the heart of the Bouffay district, is the oldest building in Nantes dating from the 15th century. The approach of this gallery is to unite major art and minor art in order to offer the public the chance to contemplate art all in poetry.

3- The City of Travellers, 13 Rue du Moulin

The City of Travellers is a loft of 500 m² including a beautiful exhibition space, a bookshop with 7000 books, objects and craft furniture, accessories for adventurous travelers and two travel agencies that offer custom destinations around the globe.

4- ZooGalerie, 49 Chaussée de la Madeleine

ZooGalerie, founded in 1989 by a group of artists, critics, architects, teachers and students, this space is dedicated to the emergence of French and foreign artists. This gallery presents exclusively the first solo exhibitions of young artists, as well as group exhibitions. The great names of contemporary and contemporary art have exhibited in this space as Bruno Peinado, Claire Fontaine or Le Corbusier.
Galleries in Nantes | Best Western Hotel Graslin in Nantes
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